haunter 2

As she steps into the shower thoughts of him ruing through her mind she calls him haunter, He invades her every thought, as the water drips down her naked body all she could think about is how much she wants him. She closes her eyes only to feel his soft touch on her shoulder , […]

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She had loved one person with her whole heart since 2000, she was 13 years old he was her first love and she wanted him to be her only love. She felt something so strong back then a connection that she knew only they would have. He knew the dark place she was in, he […]

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A war with oneself

It’s like a war inside her head, she knows what she needs to do but it’s different from what she wants to do, she wants to love you but she knows she shouldn’t. She feels like she’s on this long crazy roller coaster and she doesn’t know how to get off, she loves the adrenaline […]

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boarding the plane

She fell in love with someone from her past every now and again they would seek one another out well really She looked for him, That should have been her first clue the only thing he was ever good at was ghosting her as if she was no one to him again another clue she […]

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If you love her

If you love her show her. actions speak louder then words, Actions are more believable then words spoken. If you love her text her don’t make her wait wondering if your thinking of her. if you love her check in on her, Don’t make her think you don’t care if you truly do. It’s the […]

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He had done it again

She drew herself a bath as she patiently waited on a text from her lover as she lay in the tub her face sinking below the water’s surface she could hear the water like a waterfall as it filled the tub, she closed her eyes and listened to the sound it was peaceful as thoughts […]

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Take it for a win

Today was a good day at least for me. Today I woke up with a bit more clarity some more understanding to what I need and want. Things take time to heal and to move towards your goals. I am taking steps in the right direction, Sometime I let emotion get in the way of […]

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The hurtful truthful

Talking to herself in her mind she fights something so strong she is not sure how she can win its like there is more than on person in her brain, One telling her to feel and the other to shut it off, One telling her to chase after he lover and one saying “FUCK HIM […]

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